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The computer vision software solution

Detect, identify, localize, track, inspect, measure or classify mobile or static objects using images, find defaults or artefacts, integrate complex events with high level sotware in a robust and real time computer vision solution is the speciality of URATEK.

The URATEK's technology is available in two different ways:

Software products: our computer vision softwares are functionnal prototypes you can directly integrate in your final application, because we give you the source code and all the tools to deal with the real time video inputs.

Specific studies: we make the study and the complete realization with a special development for your specific application (industrial, military, medical...).

The Uratek's technology singles out by:

  • its impressive demonstrations which show its unical technological advance,
  • its honours from the specialized press: Uracode has won in 2004 the Industrial Computer Vision Award,
  • its prices given by the scientific community to the authors with several innovation awards, including the prestigious french "Cristal du CNRS",
  • its hardware independance: our softwares can work immediatly with all the material and the cameras running under Microsoft Windows.
  • its fantastic simplicity: Uracode is easy to use, because it is not necessary to deal with complex parameters, due to the high capabilities of recognition closed to those of the humain brain: the software recognizes, identifies and localizes in real time any object learned instantaneously.